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Genealogy is the hobby, the art and the science of exploring your family history, finding out who your ancestors were and where your family came from. The Internet has made it faster and easier by allowing many of us to quickly and easily find information about our ancestors, therefore our unique genealogy search engine, www.qureshifamily.info , comes to your aid.

You can also be a volunteer by assisting us in research of Qureshi family genealogy. Simply share what you know or ask your family/elders for more. Don’t worry if you don’t have more facts, basic information (Name, Father Name, Status etc.) is enough for Add/Update Family Members. Our community is made of family history fans just like you.

List of Volunteers:
 Member NameFather NameDescription
BiographyAtif FiazFayaz Anwar QureshiWeb Contributor
BiographyFurqan ArifArif Mahmood QureshiRecord Provider
BiographyHafiz Muhammad Sajid SiddiqiMuhammad Ijaz Ahmad SiddiqiRecord Provider
BiographyHeena QureshiJaved QureshiWeb Contributor
BiographyIdris Mohammad FarooquiQazi Faizuddin FarooquiWeb Contributor
BiographyMubashir Hameed QureshiQazi Abdul Hameed QureshiWeb Contributor
BiographyMuhammad AdnanMuhammad AslamWeb Contributor
BiographyMuhammad Adnan SarwarAhmad Sarwar QureshiWeb Contributor
BiographyMuhammad Arshad QureshiMuhammad Maroof QureshiRecord Provider
BiographyMuhammad Bashir ul HaqSheikh Haji Muhammad HussainGreat Genealogist
BiographyMuhammad Hassaan SiddiquiMoeen Ud Din AkhtarWeb Contributor
BiographyMuhammad Ijaz Ahmad SiddiqiManzoor ul HaqRecord Verifier
BiographyMuhammad Rashid HashmiFarooq Ahmed HashmiWeb Contributor
BiographyMuhammad Riaz QureshiMuhammad Nazeer QureshiRecord Verifier
BiographyMuhammad Rizwan AslamMuhammad Aslam HashmiWeb Contributor
BiographyMuhammad Shahid AyubMuhammad AyubRecord Verifier
BiographyQazi Zaighum Haroon QureshiQazi Muhammad Haroon QureshiWeb Contributor
BiographyRazia BegumAbdul Majeed QureshiRecord Verifier
BiographyShagufta ShahidMuhammad Bashir QureshiInformation Provider
BiographySyed Mahboob Hussain QadriSyed Fazal Shah QadriInformation Provider
BiographyTalat Mehmood QureshiAbdul Jabbar QureshiWeb Contributor
BiographyTalat Qayyum QureshiAbdul QayyumWeb Contributor
BiographyUmaid TahirAhmad Tahir QureshiWeb Contributor
BiographyZahid Javed QureshiMuhammad Bashir QureshiInformation Provider
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